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Cima Drive Loop


  • 3 miles, moderate difficulty.
  • Soft-surfaced along the creek and rough
    "single track" on the hills and mountain.
  • For hikers, experienced mountain bikers
    and experienced equestrians.
  • Dogs on leash Ok.
  • Bring water on a hot day

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The Cima Trail has two components: an easy creekside level trail that runs east-west and an intermediate hill-climbing trail that goes up the CimaIncline to the water tank area (north-south orientation). This trail loop provides a more rugged trek into the open space south of Discovery Hills. The first mile from Discovery Lake is a flat, easy soft-surfaced trail that follows the south side of the creek. Sycamores and Coast Live Oak provide shade along the initial part of this walk. After it crosses


Applewilde, the trail goes through an old Olive grove that was planted over 80 years ago (but was burned in the fire). At Cima Drive, take the fork that goes up the hill ­ now the trail climbs uphill through an area of Coastal Sage Scrub. There are good views of the surrounding mountains from here.

The trail parallels a canyon as it winds up the hill to a "saddle" where it passes by some new homes. The trail dips into the far canyon below the homes. Follow it up the other side of the canyon, and


when it connects to a paved trail. Turn right to go up to the water tank, or go left and follow the trail down to Discovery Lake


To begin the Cima loop, head west from the Discovery Lake parking lot on the paved trail down a steep little hill; around a bend at the bottom, the trail will split into a paved section to the right and a soft-surfaced trail to the left. Take the soft-surfaced trail, which will cross the creek (probably dry) and follow the trail as it parallels the creek to the west. The trail will
cross Applewilde Drive and continue to a cul-de-sac further along near the houses on Cima Drive. Please respect privacy of residences. Take the trail that goes up the hill, and about 200' ahead the trail splits again - go to the left up the hill again. Now the trail continues as described above.


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