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Vista Home Ownership Program

Provides down payment assistance up to $40,000 for Mobile homes and up to $60,000 for condos & single family homes.

Property must be in Vista city limits

Program includes single family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condominiums and mobile/manufactured  housing

Serves low income and moderate income households PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY

Selected property must be within the Vista City limits

Gross annual household income no higher than limits listed below

Household assets should not exceed $100,000 prior to purchase and cannot

exceed $10,000 at close of escrow

Home buyer must contribute a minimum of $3,000 towards the purchase Family Low Moderate Size

1 $46,250 $62,950

2 $52,900 $71,900

3 $59,500 $80,900

4 $66,100 $89,900

5 $71,400 $97,100

6 $76,700 $104,300

7 $81,950 $111,400

8 $87,250 $118,650



Lender must be from City of Vista Approved Lender List

Eligible for first time home buyers who have not owned property during the past 3 years

Program provides down payment assistance and non-recurring closing costs up to $40,000 for

mobile homes or $60,000 for condos & single family homes

There are no monthly payments on the City loan. Loans are repaid upon sale, transfer, refinance, or if the owner no longer lives in the home. Repayment guidelines are stated in the loan contract



Must be vacant or occupied by the buyer or seller

Single family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condominiums, and  mobile/manufactured housing

Must be in good repair and pass City’s health and safety inspection


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